5 technologies that have changed the future of movie industry

Movies today are about high quality visual and sensorial experiences. Technology has changed

the entire landscape of movie making. Here are the top technologies that had the greatest impact

on the movie industry.

IMAX with lasers

You can now see better and brighter IMAX movies. Lasers can produce deeper black

colours.You get better image and colour quality throughout the movie. The laser projection

system removes the eye-straining feature of 3D movies. Lasers also burn less than bulbs so that

the movie theatres will be saving a lot of money.

Watching movies on phone or tablet

There is rumor that the new iPad has higher resolution screen than an HD TV. You can now

watch a high quality movie on your iPad when you travel. Films are now distributed on YouTube

and Hulu, so more people are watching movies on their phone and tablet. Some directors even

shoot movies on their phone. In 2011, Hooman Khalili shot his feature-length film Olive entirely

with a Nokia smartphone.

Projecting movies from your Phone

You can now see movies on any surface including your ceilings, and walls from your phone. All

you need to use is a pocket-sized pico projector.

3D without glasses

Many people find it very annoying to put on the glasses when watching a 3D movie. The new

‘lenticular lens technology’ will allow you to see 3D movies without glasses. Another

technology is the ‘parallax barrier’ which is a very fine grating that is placed in front of the LCD


Realistic audio experiences

With Dolby’s new Atmos sound system, you will be able to hear the sound of a killer’s footsteps

so clearly as if the killer is coming towards you. By adding speaker feeds all around sound can

be produced from more directions.

These technologies have taken movies to a new level. Movies are now more amazing to watch

and easier to access as well. You can now get theater-like experience at your home.