Top 3 movie production companies of all time

Without movies, our life would be less entertaining. Movies are the ultimate source of enjoyment

as people get to feel all kinds of emotions without going anywhere. Movies make us cry and

laugh. Production companies fund the making of movies. They provide the workforce and

resources necessary to make the movie. Following are the top three movie production companies

of all time.

Time Warner (Owner of Warner Bros. Pictures)

It is an Americal multinational media corporation that owns Warner Bros. It was formed more

than 100 years ago and has made lots of good movies that transformed the movie industry. It’s

biggest movies include Harry Potter, Batman, The Matrix, etc.

Sony (Owner of Sony Pictures Entertainment)

It is a movie and television production and distribution in America. Its major subsidiary is

Columbia Pictures. This production house is friendly to independent producers. It’s distribution

subsidiary Screen Gems supports Genre B or mid-priced movie producers with a production

budget of $20 million to $50 million. Sony has a huge studio. It’s best movies include Spider-

Man, Resident Evil, Men in Black, Skyfall, etc.

The Walt Disney Company (Owner of The Walt Disney Studios)

This production company has produced great movies for many years and has impacted the lives

of younger audiences. This production house makes animated feature films. It’s greatest hits

include Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Frozen, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, The

Lion King, The Chronicle of Narnia, etc.

These production houses have taken cinema to a new level. The movies they produce are very

entertaining and are successful at the box office. These production houses are an inspiration to

the new ones.