International Festival of Performing Arts

International Festival of Performing Arts



Wednesday 15th September


8 pm - SNG Drama Ljubljana

E. Ionesco: EXIT THE KING - world premiere

Directior: Silviu Purcarete

Production: Les Arts et Mouvants, Paris (FR)

International coproduction: Festival Ex Ponto, Ljubljana / SNG Drama Ljubljana / Théâtre d’Esch, Esch-sur-Alzette / MOT Festival, Skopje / Scène Nationale de Bayonne Sud-Aquitain, Bayonne (SI, LU, MK, FR)

Supported by Culturesfrance, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana Municipality and Institut Français Charles Nodier; funding has also been provided by the Romanian Cultural Institute through the Cantemir Programme, the French Embassy in Bucharest and Institut Français de Bucarest, UNITER (Romanian Association of Theatre Artists), Romanian National Theatre Festival and the BRD Groupe Société Générale, principal partner of the Bucharest production.

Duration: 80'

The performance is in French with Slovenian supertitles.


Thursday 16th September

6 pm - Gledališče Glej

R9-42U - premiere

Directior: Marko Čeh

Production: Glej Theatre (SLO)

Duration: 80'

The performance is in Slovene.


8 pm - SNG Drama Ljubljana

E. Ionesco: EXIT THE KING* - reprise


Friday 17th September

6 pm - Old Power Station - Elektro Ljubljana


Concept and directior: Pascal Rambert

Production: Théâtre de Gennevilliers centre dramatique national de création contemporaine, Gennevilliers

Co-production: Montpellier Dance Festival 2008, Montpellier (FR)

Duration: 35'


9 pm - Prešeren Theatre Kranj

M. Sperr: Hunting scenes from Lower Bavaria / premiere

Director: Ivica Buljan

Coproduction: Prešeren Theatre Kranj & Art center Kranj (Slovenia)

Duration: 120'

Performance is in Upper Carniola dialect.


Saturday 18th September

4 pm - Cankarjev Dom – M1 Hall

De_tabooisation of the Croatina (post)war drama

Presentation and discussion on the contemporary Croatian drama

Organisation:  Kultipraktik Institute for Cultural Activities & Ex Ponto Festival, Ljubljana (Slovenia)


6 pm and 8 pm - Cankarjev Dom, Duša Počkaj Hall

V. Bodó, A. Vinnai: THE DICE MAN*, based on the homonymous novel by Luke Rhinehart

Directior: Viktor Bodó

Production: Sputnik Shipping Company with the support of Ministry of National Resources, Budapest (HU)

Duration: 100'

The performance is in Hungarian with Slovene supertitles.


8 pm - Cankarjev Dom, Linhart Hall

Through the eyes of the touch - festival premiere

Author : Branko Potočan

Coproduction: Vitkar Institute & Cankarjev Dom

Duration: 60’


Sunday 19th September

6 pm - Apartment at Slovenska Cesta 28

Electric tea party - premiere

Project by: KUD Ljud

Concept and production: KUD Ljud (SLO)

Duration: cca. 30'

The tea party will be held in a comprehensible language.


8 pm - Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana


Director: Gàbor Goda

Production: M Studio, Sfântu Gheorghe (RO)

Duration: 70’

The performance is in Hungarian language with Slovene supertitles.


Monday 20th September

6 pm - Old Power Station - Elektro Ljubljana

Guilty! - premiere

Author, concept and text: Boris Kadin

Production: Via Negativa (Slovenia)

Duration: 60'

The performance is in Croatian.


8 pm - Kino Šiška


Concept and direction: Alessandro Panzavolta

Production: Inteatro (Polverigi), Orthographe (Ravenna), Productiehuis Rotterdam / Rotterdamse Schouwburg (Rotterdam) (IT, NL)

With the support of ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, Modena

Thanks to: Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Duration: 35’


Tuesday 21st September

6 pm - Mini Teater

J. in W. Grimm: Snow White / premiere

Director: Marek Bečka

Production: Mini teater with the support of the European culture programme "Puppet Nomad Academy" (Slovenia)

Duration: 40'

Puppet performance for children and adults is in Slovene.


8 pm - Old Power Station - Elektro Ljubljana


Direction: Oliver Frljić

Production: Zagreb Youth Theatre (Croatia)

Duration: 80'

The performance is in Croatian.


Wednesday 22nd September

8 pm - Old Power Station - Elektro Ljubljana

RED*, Based on the motifs of the novel My Name Is Red by O. Pamuk- Slovenian premiere

Director: Martin Kočovski

Production: NETA - New European Theatre Action

Festival Ex Ponto, Ljubljana / Primorski poletni festival, Koper / Narodno pozorište Sarajevo / Internacionalni teatarski festival MESS, Sarajevo, / Mal dramski teatar, Bitola / Produkcija B. M., Skopje / Crnogorsko narodno pozorište, Podgorica (SI, BIH, MK, MNE)

Duration: 70’

The performance is in different languages.


Midnight - Klub Daktari



*The performance will be followed by a moderated discussion among the performers, guests and audience.