Concept, direction: Ana Borralho, João Galante

Make-up artist: Jorge Bragada

Performers: Ana Borralho, João Galante, Miguel Moreira

Production: casaBranca, Lisboa (PT)

Production assistance: Mónica Samões

Co-production: Centro Cultural de Belém, Eira, wid.lov (PT)

Running time: 120'


The Performance
Mistermissmissmister is a performative project based on the erotic imaginary. Addressing the asymmetries that regulate social identities and the definitions of male/female, Mistermissmissmister strives to provoke strong, unexpected emotions in the spectator by confronting them with characters whose bodies are extremely exposed and show a very obvious gender/sexual ambiguity. The performance transposes private to public and thereby exposes something which is usually hidden. The spectator co-creates the performance; they determine its dynamics, the type and duration of their relationship with the performers; they decide whether to actively participate or to just take the stand of a passive voyeur. Rather than serving as an erotic invitation, in this case, nudity provides a challenge. Characteristic of the postmodern theatre,  it is occurrence rather than event, performance rather than depiction, a non-event which is an event, expression forms, such as zero point of movement, a gaze, an unspoken word, unbearable silence. It is about preparing situations aimed at the participants’ self-reflection and self-experience. The spectators are those who need “to have balls” and not the performers. At the end, who will be more embarrassed by flirting and avoiding eye-contact?


The Authors

Ana Borralho and João Galante met while studying visual arts at Arts and Visual Communication Center Ar.co. They worked together regularly in the nineties as actors/co-creators with the famous Portuguese physical theatre group Olho. They have been working together on their own projects, including performance art, installations, dance, photography and sound and video art since 2002. Borralho and Galante frequently address topics such as: body / mind, outside / inside, emotion / feeling, I / others, private / public, social / political, gender / sexual ambiguity, erotic imaginary, self-portrait. Their work has been presented at festivals all over the world. Borralho and Galante are co-founders of the non-musician band Jimmie Durham and of the casaBranca cultural association. They live and work in Lisbon and Lagos, Portugal.


The Production

CasaBranca is a cultural association that gathers a group of artists and professionals from different areas and with distinct experiences.

It is a space of interdisciplinary cultural action that aims to promote the investigation and transmission of contemporary art and culture. The purpose is, therefore, to create and to reinforce networks within the territory and its cultural communities, exploring different layouts of the exhibition and transmission of contemporary creation. In addition to artistic creation, casaBranca also works in the development of pedagogical projects and produces the performing and visual arts festival Verão Azul in Lagos, Portugal.


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