Throughout the year, various film events take place. Many young people are now showing their

interest in filmmaking. These events motivate them to learn and produce great films. Following

are some of the upcoming events.

Palm Springs International Film Festival

Date: 2 -16 January, 2017

Venue: California, USA.

The organisers of this festival believe that film is an art that has the power to bridge cultures and

enhance the human experience. This festival is held to educate, enrich, entertain, and initiate

cultrural dialogue. It celebrates cinematic excellence in any language. It promotes the film to

audiences to inspire creativity. It acts as an extensive forum for multicultural exchange.

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Date: February 1-11, 2017

Venue: California, USA

It is a non-profit and the educational rumour that is dedicated to finding and showcasing the best

in independent and international cinema. It will showcase more than 200 films in 11 days. It

attracts thousands of attendees each year. After showing the films, Q&A sessions are conducted.

International Film Festival Berlin

Date: February 9-19, 2017

Venue: Berlin, Germany

This festival shows more than 400 films every year. You will be able to see films of every genre,

format and length. There are special presentations that give new perspectives and gives insight

into key themes.

The 2017 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

Date: April 6-9, 2017

Venue: North Carolina, USA

It exhibits about 100 documentary films. If you are a documentary filmmaker, you can submit

your film to this festival. Applications are accepted in two categories. Awards are given to the

best films.

These festivals motivate filmmakers from around the world to make great films. The festivals

also offer the opportunity to showcase new talents and reach a great number of audiences